El Gran Comienzo

9:03 pm

My days have been packed with getting accustomed to the city of Santiago and getting to know las personas as well. With orientations and other planned events, it has been really hectic so far. I will say, however, that I have nothing but positive things to say about Chile and los chilenos who are very hospitable. I can already tell that this will be an experience I will never forget.

The culture shock hasn't been too bad and I truly believe being in Miami aided with the transition. The hardest part is definitely the language and catching on to what people are saying because the people here speak muy rápidamente. It also makes it easier knowing that I have classmates who are in the same boat as me and can help if I need anything. On top of that, mi familia atrifitriona (host family) is very nice and just being around them, I know I am going to learn mucho. 

Today we visited Valparaiso which is a city to the northwest of SantiagoIt is very beautiful and I found it to be a very romantic place with its architecture and art. The city is constructed in the mountains and is full of houses that are painted with pastel colored paint and also graffiti paintings that truly enhance the culture of the city (photos below).

While in Valparaiso, the group ate at an Italian restaurant where we had a great time. Our waiters were very friendly and definitely made eating there an experience. For instance, when I got up to ask the waiter where the bathroom was, he offered me his arm and accompanied me there. On the way to the restroom, he said to an older lady sitting in the lounge area, "Mama, ella es mi polola," which means "Mom, this is my girlfriend". He gave me a good laugh and I couldn't leave without taking a picture con mi pololo. 

Mi pololo

la playa con Daniella

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