Finishing Touches

2:30 pm

With me just moving back home from college and the summer trip fast approaching, it's pretty much crunch time for final preparations. I'm notorious for overpacking unnecessary items and under packing the necessities but I'm fighting the urge to be a terrible packer this time, especially because it will be such a long time frame. However, I'm feeling pretty confident (after doing a lot of research from former students) that I am on the right track.

Preparing to study abroad has been so much more than just packing items. It's being ready to struggle through cultural changes and being able putting yourself outside your comfort zone. It's not often that I even speak Spanish and I'm feeling a little unprepared when I realize just how hard it will be to communicate once I get there. So to help me out, I've been watching the Spanish TV series, Velvet, on Netflix hoping that it will ease me into my transition.

Courtesy of Google Images

This series takes place in Madrid, Spain during the 1950s and is about a store and all of the scandals within it. Though I find the episodes to be entirely too long (about an hour and 10 minutes), I am entertained by the storyline and find the fashion, especially the gorgeous men in suits, to be very refreshing.

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