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Hello there! My name is Michelle  and welcome to my blog. Memoirs of Melanin is   my open invitation to join me as I take my journeys physically, mentally, spiritually and all that's in between.

Here's a little about me, I'm in love with organic coconut oil aka "the coco" (you can use it for anything) and cannot go a day without having at least one meaningful FaceTime, call, or face to face conversation. So basically, I know this blog will be a fun experience for me! A day lacking music is rare for me and good food keeps me going. I'm a 20-year-old junior studying human biology and have plans to attend medical school (by God's grace). I'm not necessarily sure what specialty yet, but I'm just trying to make it through my pre-med courses in the meantime. I currently participate in collegiate track & field in the combined events and am growing to love the events more and more each day despite the dreaded 800 meter run that accompanies it. 

I started this blog primarily to document my study abroad trip in the summer of 2015 in Santiago, Chile, but I'm sure I will use this space for other experiences that may come. I will be immersed in the Latin American culture for 7 weeks and cannot wait for what the future holds with this trip and others to come. With that being said, come away with me...

Santiago, Chile

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