Cultural Immersion

5:14 pm

When you write at a tourist site but you're single (I found this here) 

These past couple of days have been filled with getting to know the city and also getting acquainted with how the health system in Chile works. On Sunday, we went on a tour of the city's central area that was very interesting. We saw different political buildings and clips of some of the many activities that were going on downtown. It was all beautiful! From the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral to just the art along the streets it was nice to see a side of the town that I have not been yet.

On Sundays, the main streets in the city are closed so that bikers can ride freely. I thought that was pretty cool

It's strange how there are both palm trees and evergreens here 

We also visited Santa Lucía Hill or Cerro Santa Lucía which is a hill in the heart of the city that used to be used as a fortress. The view of the city and the Andes mountains was simply beautiful. The pictures definitely do not do it justice.

The smog here is a little out of hand but you can see the snow caps in the distance

This little girl was too pretty to be looking as sad as she did

For those of you who don't know, I'm down here doing a health studies clinical observation where we are studying how Chile's health system runs. We  spent some time Monday visiting a couple different hospitals that we will be observing and it was really eye opening the differences between public and private hospitals.

Here in Chile, once you leave high school you go to schools for whatever career you are trying to pursue unlike America when an undergraduate degree is preliminary. Observing health professionals here will be quite interesting and I'm excited to see what all I will be able to learn by the time I leave.

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