The Weekend

6:35 pm

These past few weeks have definitely taught me that the "study" in "study abroad" is not to be taken lightly. Even with that being said, I have been enjoying the weekends that seem to always arrive right on time.  I've taken salsa classes, gone wine tasting, and explored more of Santiago while making new Chilean friends.

I cannot get over the amount of talented artists are in Santiago. I did not get the painters name, but I plan on returning so I can give credit where it is due. (Taken from las artiseñas de Bellavista)
On a bridge along la Calle Pio Nuno, there is Santiago's rendition of the "Love Lock" bridge in Paris. A couple writes there names on the locks and attaches it to the bridge then throw the keys into the water.

I was blessed to tour this beautiful little vineyard Viña Aquitania. It's not the biggest or most popular but the view of the Andes Mountains in the foreground mixed with a classy ranch style set up and the lingering scent of wine made it extraordinary. 

Meet Pascal and (not so shy) Claudia. We met at church through one of my classmates and they have been great to have around. Whenever we have questions about Chile they are our go to's and they get to practice their English while I get to tune up my Spanish and learn new Chilenismos.

I spent last Sunday with these great people and visited Cerro San Cristobal once again (I used the elevator this time). I tried my new favorite type of empanada which simply has carne y queso (meat and cheese) and also mani confitado which are caramel roasted peanuts that will change your life when you eat them fresh and warm.

And now, the "Study" in "Study Abroad".

For those of you wondering what exactly I am doing here, I am taking two summer classes partnering with IES and la Universidad Católica. The two courses are Spanish for health care professionals and clinical observations. The picture above is my rotation group with our tour nurse after we spent time discovering what goes on in this particular facility, la Clinica San Carlos de Apoquindo. The facility and faculty were absolutely amazing and gave us a new perspective on private services.

Another location where we went to observe was Hogar Santa Clara which is a temporary home for children living with HIV who do not have a stable home environment. This home provides health care, a place to sleep, food, and security for these children who were all very precious. We made pizzas with the kids and this is probably one of my most enjoyable experiences so far. I smiled the whole time because... kids say and do the darnedest things. 

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