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It has been tough to regularly keep posting but with a week left (yes just a week), I wanted to share what I have been up to in the last couple of weeks.

Plaza Italia (Where everyone storms when Chile wins)

Chile made history winning their first ever Copa América championship. I'm am very happy to have been able to spend time here during this moment because the turn up has definitely been real. I cannot think of a sport in the U.S. that brings a country together like soccer does here. I may be a converted fútbol fan, actually I know for a fact that I am. I was on a trip north during the championship game and missed out on the Santiago craze, but the celebration was just as vibrant. (will post about my trip to San Pedro de Atacama soon)

en el estadio nacional

2. Peluquería de la Calle Merced

Imagine a mall where there are only hair salons, nail salons and barbors for 8 floors or more. My classmate and I were out on a search for an African-American salon and found a comforting environment at the Merced Peluquería. Colombians, Dominicans, and many other ethnic groups were present and added flavor to the Chile culture we had been exposed to. I was more than ecstatic when I saw a Nigerian flag hanging in one hair shop and met some fellow Nigerians who were nice enough to invited me over for a Nigerian lunch the next day. (If you know me, you know food and I have a special bond)

3. Cajón de Maipo

The views have been breathtaking

Just about an hour outside of Santiago, there is a rural get away with views to die for. It cost about $4.00 for a round trip bus and a couple of classmates and I went here for a day trip. We ended up at a site called Cascada de las Animas and our day included horseback riding up mountain trails and zip lining. It was definitely a day to remember, if you haven't yet check out my video compilation thus far click at the link below  

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