Summer 2016 Update: Weekend Adventure

8:22 pm

Romper and Sandals: Forever 21
Sweater: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray Bans

It's been a very long time since I last made a post so I wanted to update you all on what I have been doing since I have started summer break. It is my last summer being as an undergrad and I decided sometime while pulling my hair out from stress during the spring semester, that I would try my best to make the most of it. Although I am taking summer courses in physics and am swamped with work, (terrible, I know) I am still actively pursuing my "carefree black girl" mindset for this summer. Last summer I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile and this summer I want to be just as adventurous at home in America as I was while taking on the Andes Mountains and indulging myself in the Chilean culture. I think it is not so much about the scale of your trips, but moreso of how open you are to try new things and have and be open minded. I guarantee that if you plan a trip, whether for a day or weekend, it will almost always worth it. Save up and look for good deals for flights, decent concert tickets, or even the just a great day to go to the beach and its just as easy as that. Here is a brief share of my latest trip.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Atlanta visiting one of my good friends Feyi. We explored Atlanta's downtown day and nightlife, shopped, saw Captain America (I had already seen it, but it was even better the second time lol) and she got me hooked on watching the Bachelorette leaving me desperately waiting for next Monday night. I would have to say that the High Museum of Art was a highlight. I was overwhelmed with their collections and the variety of pieces on display, especially the contemporary art.

Feyi is always ready to model plus this Time Magazine piece is dated for her birthday which was June 6 lol. Check out her blog here 

Artist Vik Muniz was the latest artist on display. His artwork is so unique because he uses abstract items to make art. In this picture above,  he used peanut butter and jelly to make a version of the famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

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