Countdown to Graduation: Advice from Our College Experiences (Collab with Grace)

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This photo was taken during the summer after my friend from almost diapers, Grace, and I completed our first year of college (follow her on social media @itsgraceloves). We go to different schools in different states but there is one of many things we can agree on - it goes by very fast.

With this being both of our last semesters, I wanted to do a feature post on all of the lessons we each have learned in the past 3 and a half years. What is funny is that we had very similar things without even knowing it. I hope someone who hasn't made it to the end of the tunnel yet can grasp something from this post and thrive!

G. Sometimes the validity of your own knowledge does not have to be verified by someone else or a piece of paper.

M. Stop seeking validation from others. This one is tough but life becomes easier when you're not seeking to please others but instead following what you believe is right for you.

G. College kids are frightening, but you're going to learn a lot. Like people suck and are deceitful, but you'll probably meet 2 life long friends -- if you're lucky.

M. Stay true to yourself. Who you are in college should be the same person that you are everywhere. If you're not authentic, you're actually withholding a blessing from everyone that interacts with you. It's when you are genuine that you will make those true friends for life that Grace mentioned.

G. You'll cry. You're in this weird stage of self-identity and a weird amplified puberty ordeal. Rebellious, doubtful, and bored... very dangerous. But, this too will pass.

M. Those nights of despair, tears, and utter stress will not last always. There is an ocean somewhere filled with the tears of college students. (I'm actually convinced). What is going to get you through may not even be your own faith, but the faith of a friend/parent/aunty/cousin who is praying for you to succeed.

G. No one really knows what they're doing here, there's just a really strong sense of hope that our degrees will give us some tangible skill-set that we can convince a rich person to hire us.

M. Travel when you get the chance. Do not let anything hold you back from getting once in a lifetime experiences. I advise everyone to study abroad at least once during undergrad. There is so much funding out there that cost should not be an issue.

G. Always always always adjust your crown when things get messy. Because again, this too will pass.

M. Lastly, (I could go on and on but want to keep this short) the people you meet are not temporary. I learned so much about how fast your network can grow if you just put yourself out there. I didn't realize how many people I have met during school but as everyone is moving on to bigger and better things, I realize the world gets a little smaller. That extra effort to get to know someone is totally worth it.

I hope this post was insightful and if you have any advice that you would give to someone whether or not they are in college, feel free to drop comments below!


 Grace and Michelle

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