Graduation Season, What's up next?

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It has been a whirlwind of graduations, parties, and the exchange of "congratulations" with my fellow class of 2017 graduates. I want to say thank you for the on pour of well wishes that I have received within the last week! With most ceremonies over, it feels good to finally sit down, relax, reflect, and plan my next adventure. I am the type of person who is constantly busy and thinking of what needs to be done, but I am finding the joy of being present in the moment.

I find it a little interesting that when you graduate, the first statement someone makes after congratulating you, is the follow up question "what is up next?" Now, this is a genuine question, but sometimes it takes away from the joy of the moment. We realize that we actually have to do something with ourselves and even if you have a job lined up, or a pretty solid plan post graduation, sharing your next steps is sometimes a scary thing to do. I may be alone, but my heart usually drops a little when I realize my title as a student at my university is long gone. I feel like life is moving fast, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but some of my friends and I have already discussed how we'll blink and wake up with a husband and kids. (I'm sure this won't be any time soon though lol)

If you are wondering what is up next for me, I am happy to announce that I will be starting my Master of Science in Global Health at The University of Notre Dame this fall! I'm excited, a little frightened, and not sure what to expect, but I know that the same God that brought me through undergrad will carry me through my future endeavors. For now, I just want to celebrate all summer '17 (inserts smily emoji with the black sunglasses here).

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Until next time...

Xoxo Michelle

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