The Perfect Vacation for the Chill Traveler: D.C.

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This summer I have been busy working but I am glad that I pre-planned time to unwind and relax. My ideal vacation is being able to chill, enjoy a new environment, and eat good food. And during my trip to D.C., I did just that. It was not my first time here, but there was still so much to see and do that I'm already planning my next venture out to the east coast. 

I have compiled a list list of advice and also documentation of some things I did in D.C. that I believe any traveler who loves to relax and not be in the regular tourist crowds will enjoy. Whether you have been to The District or not, definitely check out a few of these spots.

1. Connect with people that you know in or near the city. This is a major key. Before you arrive, be sure to send a text or call a few weeks in advance to tell your friends where you'll be and for how long. That way there is a greater likelihood that your schedules will line up.

I decided to go to D.C. so that I could visit my brother who lives there. By staying with someone that knows the area, I was able to get the most out of my trip. We were also able to visit family in Maryland and I tried Mission BBQ for the first time.

Sabbath Selfie with my brother Andrew
We spent Sunday with my cousin and her family in Maryland

2. Visit Georgetown. Just blocks away from the historic university, there are streets of shops, restaurants, and more along the canal of the Potomac River. This place is definitely a major tourist attraction but my brother and I actually went to that part of town to see the Tupac biopic, "All Eyez on Me", at the movie theatre. With time to kill, we were able to look around and sightsee a little bit.

I returned to this area later on during my stay to tour Georgetown University with my friend Toria who attends the school. She gave me a good perspective of student life and also the cool hangout spots near and on the campus. 

We started the day at Saxbys Coffee (they had great blueberry muffins)

I loved the way each house was painted a different color

...and ended our day at Baked & Wired which has a crazy selection of cupcakes. I got the "strawberry", one of their best sellers and it was really good!
3. Don't be afraid to travel alone.  I learned while studying abroad that your best adventures may be the ones that you take solo.  If the metro scares you, services such as Lyft can get you where you need to go and if you share the ride, it can be as low as $3.

It was lunchtime and I looked up restaurants that the locals love and I stumbled across this place called Oohs and Aahs. It is a soul food place located just minutes from Howard University and though it is definitely a hole in the wall, the food was pretty good. I got mac n cheese, yams, cornbread, and wings with lemonade on the side.

Not pictured: yams, cornbread, and lemonade.

As I was leaving the restaurant, I noticed a statue across the street which, upon further inspection, turned out to be a monument for the African-American soldiers that fought in the Civil War. The African-American Civil War Museum was free and nearby so I decided to check it out. It was very insightful to see how many black soldiers were forgotten especially in a city that has many historical monuments and memorials as well.

I miss you
I also took it upon myself to look around Howard's campus. It was my first time being at an HBCU and the environment was really refreshing to say the least. 

4. Workout. There is no better time to get a workout in then when you're away from your busy schedule and simply enjoying life. With all of the food I was eating, I also knew I had some work to do. That's why when I travel I pack at least one set of workout clothes.

5. Nightlife. This one is self explanatory, but honestly, there is something to do every night and you barely have to look for it. 

There were a couple of noteworthy places that I visited and one was The StoneFish Grill. They have their Afro-Caribbean Night on Saturdays and that was a pretty fun time. 

Apart of my Snapchat Chronicles

I also went to Old Engine 12 Restaurant for an open mic night called "Verses". It was a Wednesday night event and I really enjoyed the food, music, and spoken word. I would definitely go again. I highly recommend their jerk chicken wings.

Insert fire emoji

A night out on Thursday gave myself and a couple of friends a great time. There is a spot for every type of person. We went to a couple of places but some worth mentioning are Ben's Next Door, (which also has great wings) and El Rey

6. Okay, you probably should still do some of the major touristy things... The night before I left, I attended Jazz in the Garden which was held downtown. Being so close to the national monument, I dragged my brother and his friend on a walk so that I could get a classic picture before I left.

All in all, the trip was great, relaxing, and I was able to eat good food, meet a lot of different people, and grow my desire to move out of Indiana. I highly recommend visiting D.C. and experiencing the city life. Until next time...



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