Friends Support Friends: Meet Temitayo

1:30 pm

Co-Founder of Sincerely, Ritchurd

I have already introduced you all to my biological older brother, but the truth is that I have a couple of other gentlemen that I am privileged enough to call my big brothers as well -- Tayo is one of them.  I have known Tayo pretty much since I can remember and while he works as an Electrical Engineer by day, he is an Entrepreneur around the clock. Tayo is the Co-Founder of Sincerely, Ritchurd, which is a platform that aims to celebrate fashion and connect the minority community with talented minority designers. Tayo has always been a stylish individual and I am very excited to see him translate his passion for expressing himself through fashion to helping others do the same. Check out Sincerely, Ritchurd on their website, Instagram, and Twitter. Meet my friend Tayo...

Temitayo Ade-Oshifogun, 26

Hometown: Chicago, IL

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what
would they be? "Passionate, Driven, and Loyal."

What made you get started with Sincerely,
"My Co-Founder and I got started because we
wanted to buy black, but did not have a destination
to know where we could find the stylish and “fly”
minority owned brands. We wanted to create a
platform that solves that problem and puts it
under a magnifying glass for all to see."

The Mission:
"The mission of Sincerely, Ritchurd is to empower the minority community with the many fashion resources, brands, & designers that look just like us and are FOR us. We exist to show our community that you don’t have to buy from “them” who care nothing for you or our communities, when you can find the same quality and style of clothing right in your own backyard."

"I want people to feel inspired and have a sense of belonging.
Sincerely, Ritchurd is completely inclusive, it lives and breaths
off of helping others reach their goals."

What has been the hardest part about starting? "The hardest part about starting is thinking that when you start, everyone will love it, that everyone will understand what you’re doing and want the same thing. Truth is nobody loves your idea more than you do. It’s your job to take your project or 
idea to a level where all can not only comprehend it, but fall in love with it as well."

With that being said, what would you tell someone who is thinking about doing something similar to what Sincerely, Ritchurd is doing? "I would tell them to prepare before jumping into it. Have a game plan, a team, and a lot of courage. There will be downfalls, but it’s those downfalls that create the biggest victories. I would also tell them to be RELENTLESS and to never give up despite what cards life hands you.

If you love something, it will come true. Stay the course."

Tayo's favorite quote:
"Those who watch clouds will never reap, those who chase the wind will never sow."
-Ecclesiastes 11:4

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