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Temi is a vlogger and student at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She recently started a YouTube channel 'LifeofLolu' and also kills the game with her unique sense of style and beautiful personality. I have known her for many years and can say that she is wise beyond her years. I am excited to share this spotlight on her with you all. Meet Temi!

Temi Akande, 20

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Occupation: Student and Vlogger on her channel 'LifeofLolu'

If you could use three adjectives to describe you, what would they be? Easy going, positive, and bright.

What is your mission? When I started vlogging, I began my journey of self growth. Starting Youtube was more for me than for my audience. But I would say that my mission is for people to see me and realize that they too can begin that journey, in whatever way that means for them.

How do you want people to feel when they watch your videos? I want people to feel happy! I want them to see me and see someone positive, loving, and cheerful. And also, in the future I plan on focusing some videos on self-love. I want people to really, truly love themselves. In a society that tries to strip us of our own self worth, self-love is so so important.

What made you get started? So like I said before, starting my channel was the beginning of my self growth journey. I really wanted to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. And it was definitely uncomfortable at first! Prior to YouTube, I wasn’t really someone that liked to put myself out there, especially not to the entire world. But I realized that I was holding myself back from doing things that I had really wanted to do for a while. So even though I didn’t have the equipment or even the means to start a channel, I just closed my eyes and went for it. It’s definitely not easy but I feel very fulfilled.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about becoming a vlogger? I would really say go for it! People always make that argument that EVERYBODY has a Youtube channel these days but I don’t see the problem with it. If you know you have something you want to share with the world that will make it a better place, shine your light! If you’re starting something for the right reasons, you will always feel fulfilled. 

Temi's favorite quote:

“If you’re in an ugly place, speak of a beautiful life. If you’re in a dark space, pray for more light. Trust in a higher source. Don’t defeat yourself, uplift yourself.”

-Reyna Biddy

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