Friends Support Friends: Meet Brittni #FitWitBritt

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Brittni and I have been great friends since we met during freshman year of college as teammates on the women's track and field team. She is one of my closest friends and on top of being a graduate student pursuing her MPH, she also helps people obtain their physical goals as a personal trainer #FitWitBritt. Britt has always been there to help me improve myself whether that be physically, spiritually, or mentally. I'm 100% sure that anyone who gets to know her will feel the same. Meet my girl Brittni.

Brittni King, 23
Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida

Describe yourself 3 adjectives: Persistent, Goal-oriented, Driven

What is your mission? My mission is for people to feel good in their own skin. I want to be able to help an individual find a confidence in themselves they didn’t know they possessed.

Photo courtesy of Dai In & Dai Out Productions

How do you want people to feel as a result your work?
As a result of my work I want people to feel empowered and able. I want to enable others to reach newer heights

What made you get started? I discovered my love for movement junior year in high school. I witnessed my AAU track and field coach start his own sports performance gym literally from the ground up. He rented out 3 storage units in a storage center and we were working out of there. The Dungeon, was the name of the gym. A few months later he purchased larger storage units, knocked out the walls to those units to make them one large unit that resulted in a gym. But it was more than a gym. We literally had the best times (blood, sweat, and tears) in The Dungeon.

"I grew from a quiet insecure girl to a confident young woman and he had a lot to do with that. I want to give someone what he gave me. That’s forever imprinted on my heart."

Photo courtesy of Dai In & Dai Out Productions
What was the hardest part about starting? Nothing was particularly hard about starting to be a personal trainer. I received my Bachelor’s in Health Fitness Specialist and passed my certifications. The most difficult thing to me though was deciding to post workout videos on social media. I was discouraged because so many people post workouts and have these fitness accounts, but know nothing about exercise. I want to use what I learned (and what I am still learning) and apply them to my fitness goals.

"I don’t want to be just another workout girl who posts her videos. I want to stand out and be different. I worked for this and went to school for this. I deserve to be here.”

What would you tell someone who is thinking about doing what you are doing? Go do it! You’ll find much satisfaction in knowing you helped someone reach their physical and even mental goals. Keep with it, and be an excellent resource for your clients.

Brittni's favorite quote:
“Assumption is the worst form of knowledge.”

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