I Choose Joy: Embracing doing "too much"

6:47 am


I don't take it lightly that I'm able to wake up and see my 26th birthday. This past year, I believe we as a collective have been reminded that life is short and can be taken away in the blink of an eye. We've lost loved-ones, been unable to gather in ways we have in the past, and are still dealing with an ever-evolving  pandemic. 

Though I couldn't have predicted these events this time last year as I gathered to celebrate with my close friends, I'm glad I did choose to celebrate. I often find myself shying away from what I consider to be "doing too much," however, I've come to learn that I am worthy of unapologetically celebrating life. And while watching one of my favorite YouTubers and artists, Joseph Solomon, a phrase he said stuck out to me. He mentioned that oftentimes, we shy away from "being vulnerable with our joy."  God has been doing so much in my life, seen and unseen, that it's unfathomable to think I sometimes shrink and avoid taking up space to display the corresponding joy and gratitude. 

Today, I choose to let myself marinate in and fully experience the joy of being alive. Having made it through this past year surviving my case of COVID-19, being employed and afforded the opportunity to work from home, having a tribe of iron-sharpening friends (even if we could only gather virtually), and experiencing numerous mental breakthroughs, I am truly grateful. Here's to choosing to bask in joy, not just on our birthdays or special occasions that seem fitting to do so, but also in the mundane day-to-day experiences, small victories, and each inhale and exhale we have the privilege of taking. We're alive because there's more.

Alexa, play "I'm Alive" by Rich Tolbert Jr.



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Photographer: @greatnimy.photos

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